“Management of Emotions for a Productive Life”


April 2016, Orlando, FL.


The DRW Coaching School, presided by Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot  in cooperation with New Life Productions directed by coach and journalist Marta “Matty” Frias” are proud to announce the first “Emotional Intelligence Symposium, 2016”. The symposium will provide the community with foundational tools to enhance productivity in their lives based on management of their emotions.


The event will be held at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater on Saturday May 7th from 9am until 1pm and will feature expert professional and certified DRW coaches.


The purpose of the symposium is to create awareness about the importance and impact of emotions in all areas of life. Areas to be discussed include Empowerment, Leadership, Communications, Marketing, Fibromyalgia, Entrepreneurship, Business, Diversity, Health and Wellness, Education and Foster Care among other topics of interest.


The speakers will include Milagros Rubio, Dale Lind, Gwendolyn Jarvis, Edwina Freeman, David Olivo, Mariet Ostos, Billy Rosario, Sam Vásquez, Yaritza Bonet, Marta “Matty” Frias, and Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot as moderator. All are professionals, entrepreneurs and experts who have graduated from the DRW Coaching school and are dedicated to their respective areas of concentration.


"I am very excited about this initiative, because with this symposium we are educating the community about the fundamental components of emotional intelligence - self-management, self-awareness and self-control which are the key to achieve productivity and fulfillment  in human beings.”, said the event creator, Dr. Wanda Bonet.


Moreover, event producer Matty Frias said that "With our alliance with DRW, both companies intend to bring the community educational and training events at affordable prices, that promote individual growth and development . This is the mission of both organizers – to give back to the community of both their knowledge and expertise.


Event tickets are $30 per person and participants will receive a certificate of participation. Tickets can be purchased at or 407-928-5831/407-760-1699.


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