About Dr.Wanda Bonet-Gascot (Dr.W)
It's all about energy -Dr.W

Wanda Bonet-Gascot, MBA, Ph.D. (Dr.W)

Dr.W is a Holistic Doctor, Educator, and Coach. In 2013, she founded Dr.W Life Skills Institute, a global personal and professional development education center. The institute is a proud graduate from the University of Central Florida (UCF) Business Incubator Program. 


Her extensive and impressive background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, a Master's Degree in Business Administration-Accounting, a Master in Tantric Sexuality, and a Doctorate Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specialized in energy modalities. She studied digital marketing at Escuela de Marketing Digital (EMDI) and Escuela Nomada Digital. (END)


She collaborates with the UCF College of Medicine educating medical students in clinical, communication, and emotional intelligence skills since 2009. Since 2016, she proudly shares her expertise with the JetBlue Customer Support Department. 


She is the former Chair of the Society of Emotional Intelligence Orlando Chapter (2013-2015) and Ambassador for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando (2014-2016). Actually, she is an active member of HAPBWA and Business Mom USA. 


She has published 15 books about wellness, neuro-leadership, and coaching. All available in Amazon.com.


Her passion is to create ENERGY awareness and SHARE Holistic Emotional Intelligence fundamentals. She is committed to spreading the energy message around the world in order to EXPAND the positive vibes.



Awards & Milestones


2020: Book: Coaching Holístico 2.0, Coaching A Otro Nivel 

2020: Launched the Holistic Coaching 2.0 Program - Digital Version (Spanish)

2020: Book Collection: "Libros Que Sanan" (Total of 15 books)

2019: Book: "Mobius, El Arte de Transmutar la Energía Sexual" was published

2019: Book: "Neuroliderazgo, El Arte de Transformar" was published

2019: Book: "Holistic Emotional Intelligence" was published

2019: Book: "Inteligencia Emocional Holistic"a was published

2019: Excellence Award, Education Provider, 2019 SSBX

2019: 5th Emotional Intelligence Symposium 

2018: Excellence Award, Education Provider, State Small Business Convention

2018: 4th Emotional Intelligence Symposium 

2017: Nominee,  2018 Don Quijote Award in the Hispanic Business of the Year, Five Years or Less category, HCCMO, Orlando, FL 

2017: Excellence Award, Education Partner, 2017 SSBX

2017: 3rd Emotional Intelligence Symposium

2017: DRW Life Skills Institute graduated from UCF Business Incubator Program

2016: Book: "Inteligencia Sexual" was published by Dr.W

2016: 2nd Emotional Intelligence Symposium 

2016: Excellence Awards, State Small Business Convention, Melbourne, Fl

2016: Appreciation for contribution to the medical education program, UCF College of Medicine

2016: Individual Champion of Change, The Beacon Network - Diversity and Inclusion, Central Florida

2015: Professional of the Year, Premios El Josco, Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce - Central Florida

2015: Presidential Award, Society of Emotional Intelligence Orlando Chapter

2015: Success Story, Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

2015: Best of Kissimmee Award, Education - Kissimmee Program

2014: Presidential Awards, Society of Emotional Intelligence

2013: DRW Life Skills Institute & Coaching School was founded by Dr.W

2012: Book: "Por Qué No Soy Feliz?" was published by Dr.W

2012: Book: "Why am I not happy?" was published by Dr.W