The bioenergetics, the therapy created by Alexander Lowen U.S.,is one of the alternative therapies most comprehensive and profound, which states that human disease are caused by a combination of physical and mental stress on the individual, which is a vital force or energy that is expressed at the appropriate time in the body structure.


This therapy believes that human beings are not only a material body but within the system there is a subtle energy that are manifested through the power of their thoughts, emotions and their spiritual development. When these energies are altered or enter a period of imbalance and disharmony, the body expressed or somatization.


Body is in constant motion adaptation. Within the period of adjustment, either to a new situation, a drastic change to a new awareness, etc., the individual enters a period of tension, and rehabilitation. To compare the changes and situations that arise every day we have the attitude and the way we see life is essential for this adaptation.


A person full of strength and health, according to the bioenergy, is a healthy person is one who has a strong life force that circulates through the body and properly. When this energy is altered, then energy can be divided by the body, and disruption is the result of various ailments such as cardiovascular problems, digestive, degenerative, mood, nervous, etc., which are directly or indirectly related to the mishandling of the tension and adaptability, with inadequate and self-destructive habits especially in the way of thinking.



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