Last October 2018, as part of the research for my book, I went to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona. I wanted to feel the energy in what is called energy vortex.

What is a vortex? A vortex (the proper grammatical form ‘vortices’ is rarely used) is thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especi...

The Emotional Intelligence Awards is a prestige event that recognizes the practice of Emotional Intelligence in our community members. The awards were funded in 2014 as an initiative of Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot, founder of DRW Life Skills Institute. This year The Foundation for Emotional Intelligence directed by Sam Vasquez was the co-sponsor of the awards. 

In this 4th edition of the awards, the win...

The step # 5 to build a successful coaching practice/business is to lead. The coach thus far mas made Learning a habit, has gained valuable experience becoming a high performer, and now ready to take responsibility for the Leadership of others. 

Becoming a Leader-Coach requires a certain mindset. 

A coach who decide to build a successful practice/business...

1. Understands that results come through t...

The step # 4 to build a successful coaching practice/business is to perform. The coach is continuing to learn, of course, but his or her top priority is becoming a experienced coach. 

A coach who decide to build a successful practice/business...

1. Understands that results come through personal effort

2. Understands that champions don't start out that way 

3. Knows there will be many opportunities to...

Building a Successful Coaching Practice/Business is a process. Today, I will share you the Step # 3: Learning the Art and Science of Coaching. 

This step is about becoming a student. At the beginning you will be full of hunger and enthusiasm but you have low level of skill and knows very little about coaching. Coaches must fall in love with learning, but what you need to learn. 

1. Coaches lear...

The step #2 to build a successful coaching practice/business is to define your goals in the coaching industry.

If you don't know what do you want to accomplish, how you will track your success?

I can help you to define a coaching practice or coaching business, and I will do; but you need to define the word SUCCESSFUL. What means for you be successful? How you measure success? Money? Recognition? Le...

The first step to build a successful coaching practice/business is be completely sure that the scope of practice of coaching is in alignment with your life purpose.

Discover your life purpose... Purpose provides direction to a coach, making every task, even seemingly mundanes ones, filled with significance.

I would recommend the book: Resolved... in the first chapter you will find a formula to dis...

Building a Successful Coaching Practice is a process. It requires determination and perseverance. But mainly requires mastering the art and the science of building it. What means building? It means developing, in other words takes resources. 

I want to share some tips from my experience, I hope it will help you and empower you to build your coaching practice:

1. Discover your Life Purpose and be sur...

May 20, 2017

Brevard’s Biggest Business Networking, Entertainment and Educational Event of the Year - Huge Success

On May 6th & 7th the State Small Business Expo founder Selo Alkaranfil and Organizer Joanna Godwin held a high energy expo at the Melbourne Square Mall. Close to 100 vendors/exhibitors from around the area were in attendance to showcase their products and services during the weekend. It was a Spect...

August 11, 2016

DRW Life Skills Institute is a personal and professional development education provider. As proud member of Life Leadership, we are so excited to announce that our program Financial Fitness offered 22 CEU's for LMT's. 

In our society, so many people have not seen the principles of financial fitness modeled. This makes it difficult to understand or apply them. People tend to do what they know based...

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Step # 1 to Build a Successful Coaching Practice/Business

June 23, 2017

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