October 7, 2015


Press Release




Dr.W Life Skills Institute Receives 2015 Best of Kissimmee Award


Kissimmee Award Program Honors the Achievement


KISSIMMEE September 30, 2015 -- Dr.W Life Skills Institute has been selected for the 2015 Best of Kissimmee Award in the Education category by the Kissimmee Award Program.


Each year, the Kissimmee Award Program identifies companies that we believe hav...

Make sure your home-based office is ready for business. Review this list of equipment you may need to get up and running.


Computer and Peripherals

  • Laptop Computer/Desktop Computer: Using a family computer for business puts data security at risk. Invest in a computer with the speed, storage and functionality to grow with your business in the next few years. 

  • Monitor: If you buy a desktop co...

Promote your business by attending trade shows and other events where prospective customers, vendors and partners congregate.



1. Determine your goals for trade show attendance, such as obtaining sales leads, meeting potential strategic partners or finding new products for your store.


2. Create a list of trade shows, exhibitions and conferences at which you could benefit by exhibiting or...

Marketing is a critical function that helps drive the success of a business. It involves the communication and promotion of your business to prospects, clients and the community at large. If you do not have the appropriate marketing expertise on staff to carry out your marketing plan, recruit new employees or identify vendors to build a marketing team with the skills you need.


Create and use a mar...

Developing a marketing budget helps ensure your business has adequate capital to achieve your marketing goals.



1. Identify different target customers and the sales channel you will use to reach them


2. Add cost estimates by channel for:


  • One-time costs (sales booth, website design)

  • Monthly/annual expenses (advertising, travel)

  • Staff costs/time

3.  Set your budget using on...

From time to time it may be necessary to rebrand your business to keep pace with new product and service offerings, appeal to new target markets or refresh a brand identity that has grown dated. 




1. To determine if rebranding is necessary, assess whether your business’s needs have changed since you began or since you last developed a brand. Ask yourself:

- Have my target custo...

Branding is not the same as marketing. Branding is the image and positioning of your product or service. Developing a consistent, strong brand is the foundation of your marketing efforts.


How to do it?


1. Define your brand by brainstorming what you think your business’s brand is, then surveying your customers to see what they think the brand is.

  • Identify any differences between how you per...

A targeted approach to desired market segments via appropriate sales channels, enabling you to increase brand recognition, decrease risk, reach more customers and potentially increase profits.


Sales channels are how your products or services get to the customer.

Whether you sell a product or service to other businesses (business-to-business, or B2B) or to consumers (business-to-consumer, or B2C), t...

Before you take on social media, advertising, or other marketing and promotions tactics, it's best to begin by identifying your overall goals and strategy.  In this chapter, you will find tips on developing a marketing strategy for your business that will guide your day-to-day efforts. 


Market research is essential to answer key questions about your market and make sure your ma...

February 4, 2015


DRW introduces family mediation — dispute resolution that is collaborative and relationship enhancing


“Today, in Florida, mediation is accessible largely through a court referral. We feel the time has come to expand the scope of mediation to the private space so that disputing parties are able to resolve their disputes without going to court,” says Dr.Wanda Bonet-Gascot, family mediator an...

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