As you may remember, the four pillars for Emotional Intelligence are:

  • Self-Awareness: paying attention to your own emotions

  • Self-management: learn how to respond to our emotions better.

  • Social-awareness: understanding the emotions of others

  • Relationship Management: learn to respond to other people’s emotions

The Holistic Emotional Intelligence Model developed by Dr. Wanda Bonet...


A group of amazing women participated in the Holistic Emotional Intelligence Certification # 22 during the last weekend February 20-21, 2016.


They acquired tools and skills to manage emotions in a healthier way to achieve higher levels of harmonized energy. Blocked emotions deplete our energy bank account affecting our health, productivity and interpersonal relationships. We focused in the 7 emot...

January 11, 2016


Become a Certified Holistic Emotional Intelligence Coach (CHEIC)

A Certified Holistic Emotional Intelligence Coach is a qualified professional with the tools to facilitate the process of identifying and managing emotions in any of the 8 areas of holistic health: individual, emotional, individual, mental, physical, financial and spiritual. A CHEIC focuses in the 7 emotions associated to human ene...

December 30, 2015



Grief is the experience of loss and affects all aspects of our lives, and at some point, everyone suffers from it. Not only is grieving painful, it can take a toll on our mental and physical health.


According to an excerpt from the book Coping With Grief and Loss: A Guide to Healing, grief goes hand in hand with a wide range of physical and mental problems, including memory impairment, difficult...

December 30, 2015


Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.


Fear is felt in the first Chakra and it controls your sense of survival, or your fight or flight response.  Physically, it influences the suprarenal glands as well as the legs, feet, kidneys, bladder, and spine. When this chakra is weak, you may feel very tired, overly ca...

Make sure your home-based office is ready for business. Review this list of equipment you may need to get up and running.


Computer and Peripherals

  • Laptop Computer/Desktop Computer: Using a family computer for business puts data security at risk. Invest in a computer with the speed, storage and functionality to grow with your business in the next few years. 

  • Monitor: If you buy a desktop co...



Our body is a latticework of energies. We are each a constellation of energy systems, and all of them are affected by how we manage our emotions and those of others.


By now, we know that Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional informa...

August 5, 2014


Thoughts and emotions- your mental, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual state - can actually make your body more - or less acidic. Similarly, what you eat can affect your thoughts, moods and emotions. Eating the wrong kinds of foods can lead to depresion - and overeating. Eat the right kinds of foods brings a feeling of overall well-being and even euphoria. 


For the body to stay in a hea...

April 29, 2014

Emotional Intelligence is the art and science of managing our emotions and those of others. It has a great impact in our well-being. Emotional Intelligence is divided in two main areas:

  • Wellness

    • Self-Awareness

    • Self-Management

  • Leadership

    • Social-Awareness

    • Relationship Management


Why Emotional Intelligence for wellness? Emotions have a physical man...

February 11, 2014

One aspect of self awareness, is the understanding of how thoughts, words, actions could trigger your emotions based on Emotional Memories.


Emotional Memories are the meaning of past events, could be words, actions, stimuli, songs, smells, movies...- that in your mind your recorded. You form or create emotional memories from events consciously or unconsciously. The trigger of those emotional...

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