DRW Life Skills Division

Holistic is more than a slogan in today's society. When applied to our lifestyle, it means living in harmony with the environment and oneself. Only a well-balanced person can give his or her best in relatiosnhips and jobs. 


A holistic health approach attempts to view the client as a whole, rather than focusing on the specific symptoms.  In addition, it is important to recognize that health and well-being are very much linked to personal responsibility


In a holistic health approach, the goal is to find the cause that led to the illness. Only when the cause is known can the actual illness be treated. 


Holistic is gaining increasing attention in Western culture, in part for a series of very obvious reasons: health creates well-being and reduces costs to the health system for the provision of health services, to name but two.


Prevention is in the power of individuals: everyone is responsible for themselves and their well-being. 


Holistic Health is an active process that assumes that individuals will work for themselves. Holistic Health is all about energy. Higher levels of harmonized energy, better health, more productivity and enhaced interpersonal relationships. 




Holistic Health is all about Energy - Dr.W