DRW Emotional Intelligence Couples Retreat


December 5 - 7, 2014


Emotional Intelligence Couples Retreat 


Do you feel alone and isolated in your relationship because your partner is emotionally shut down? Are the two of you constantly fighting for emotional control? 

The truth of the matter is simply this: whether you heal with your current partner or a new one, you'll NEVER know true intimacy until you heal your own wounds and gain the skills necessary to help someone else heal theirs. 

If you're ready to experience the life-changing transformation that comes from real intimacy, the emotionally focused approach we use in our DRW Emotional Intelligence Couples Retreat is the shortest path. In fact, it's really the only path. 


Remember, it's ALL about ENERGY!!!!!, Connect, Bond, Click, Ignite!!!! Enjoy a healthy relationship!!! Be Happy !!!!! - DRW 

What To Expect From DRW Emotional Intelligence Couples Retreat

  • Gain clarity about what you really want from your relationship.

  • Learn specific techniques that will help you communicate better.

  • Learn how to process intense emotions and express them constructively.

  • Learn the secret to making relationships last a lifetime.

  • Rediscover your passion for each other and spice up your intimacy.

During the DRW Emotional Intelligence COUPLES RETREAT you will learn and practice:

  • Communication Techniques

  • Emotional Intelligence Skills 

  • Tantra Massage for Couples

  • Basics of Tantra for Couples 

This is a customized retreat consisting in group workshops, but mainly private sessions where the focus is totally on you and your partner. 

Spaces Limited. 

All Inclusive: 2-night Hotel, Meals & Materials 
Investment: $995 / couple

For information 321-209-4379 


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