Diversity Coach - Specialty Track


Diversity exists in all workplaces because we are human, and no two of us are the same. 


Our Diversity Coach Specialty Track offers to coaches the skills and tools to facilitate healthier and more productive workplace environments.


Program Content:

  • What is Diversity and Inclusion?

    • Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Awareness Training

    • Four Layers of Diversity

    • Organizations Policies and Procedures

    • Laws Enforced by EEOC

  • Skills Training

    • Emotional Intelligence Skills: Gaining tools to manage diversity at the workplace

    • Conflict Resolution Skills: Communicating effectively in diverse settings

  • Integrated Training

    • ​Teaching to create a healthy and productive diverse work

    • Structuring synergistic and compelling work environments

    • Strategies to reduce discrimination, harassment and retaliation at the workplace

  • Develop a Strategic Diversity Management Plan

    • Goals - Assessment of Diversity

    • Strategies - Develop of the Diversity Plan

    • Measures - Implementation of the plan 

  • Research: Evidence Based Practice 



  • Diversity Coaches work at universities, businesses and other institutions, helping to facilitate and advocate for a diverse population within the organization. Their job often entails ensuring that the school or company conforms to government affirmative action regulations. 

  • The diversity coach also might work with members of an organization's minority population, addressing their concerns and meeting their specific needs. Sometimes, a diversity coach will be called on to facilitate the entire population of a business or college on inclusiveness.

  • He or she also might work with small groups of students with diversity issues.



  • In most cases, a diversity coach is required to hold at least a bachelor's degree. Possible undergraduate degree programs or classes include business administration, human resources and cultural diversity. Classes in cultural diversity might teach students to function within a diverse workforce and to promote cultural inclusion in a variety of professional environments.

  • Certified Holistic-Emotional Intelligence Coach 


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