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Conflicts generated by divorce are both emotional and legal.

Emotional Issues in Separation and Divorce


Conflicts generated by divorce are both emotional and legal. The anger, pain and frustration of a deteriorating marital relationship are frequently blocked or expressed affecting health and performance. 


A Divorce Coach with Emotional Intelligence offers a safe and confidential environment to express the emotions related to the divorce process, helping you to make better decisions in relation to your future.


Each spouse experiences a very distinct emotional process in resolving the end of the marriage. 


The Emotional Divorce Process:


The emotional divorce begins long before the legal divorce. The emotional divorce is a gradual development, without a singular precipitating incident. The emotional divorce begins with the realization by one of the spouses that they are no longer satisfied with their spouse and marital relationship and they no longer want to spend the rest of their life with that spouse. Although this realization exists, the grief component is manifiest by denial in order to maintain the relationship. It is a self-protection mechanism to protect onself against loss. 


The second stage of depression is manifiest by feelings of guilt and despair, and a sense of loss of control. The reality of the situation has surfaced. 


The third stage, which is characterized as anger, results in moving from depression to getting revenge and retribution.


Fourth, during the bargaining stage, the parties focus on the present and the future, now having worked through the angry past. Each party's self-image and the changes to be made are manifest here. New ways of being and methods of operating in all of life's aspects are consciously examined such as in home and work environments, and in existing and new personal relationships.


The fifth stage, acceptance, arrives gradually as the other stages subside. This is an important part of the divorce process, allowing the party to move forward in their on way. New areas of development and growth have occurred for that individual who is ready to maintain themself as a divorced person and possibly as a divorced parent, capable of functioning in a shared parenting arrangement, and having their roles in the different aspects of their life.


The stages of divorce and grief imply that the parties enter the divorce process with different degrees of readiness. In Divorce Coaching the focus is the emotional process of the party during each stage: Pre-divorce, during and post-divorce.


Professional Fees: 

Initial Divorce Coaching Session (90 minutes):     $150.00

Individual Follow-up Sessions (60 min):              $100.00

Couple Coaching Session (60 min):                     $125.00

Phone Calls: First 15 minutes are a courtesy. A conversation longer than 15 minutes becomes a phone session and the hourly rates apply.


Once an appoinment is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you provide 24 hour advance notice of cancellation. 



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