Holistic Emotional Intelligence Certification

24 hours (Live) & 20 hours (Online)

The Holistic Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program is a program designed to provide the needed coaching knowledge and skills to develop a successful coaching practice. It's based on the Holistic Emotional Intelligence Model developed and copyrighted by Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot. 

Graduates from the professional program are qualified to facilitate their client's process of achieving higher levels of energy. They will facilitate the definition of clear goals, exploring options, designing strategic plans and monitoring the progress in a safe and confidential environment. 

Graduates will be empowered to work in any of the eight true health areas: individual, emotional, intellectual, mental, physical, social, financial and/or spiritual. 


The program consists of:

44 hours - Education 

Holistic Emotional Intelligence Model developed and copyrighted by Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot

Coaching Guidelines Education 

          (Code of Ethics // Core Competencies // Scope of Practice // Methodology)

Digital strategy to launch your practice 
Manuals, Tools, and Forms 
Final Evaluation & Feedback 

Requirement: Holistic Emotional Intelligence Online Course

Duration: 12 weeks

Week # 1: Understanding Coaching

Week # 2: Holistic Coaching

Week # 3: Individual Health 

Week # 4: Emotional Health

Week # 5: Intellectual Health 

Week # 6: Mental Health 

Week # 7: Physical Health

Week # 8: Social Health 

Week # 9: Financial Health 

Week # 10: Spiritual Health

Week # 11: Coaching Business  - Building your practice

Week # 12: Final Evaluation - Building your practice


For information: 321-209-4379 // 407-760-1699 




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