Emotional Intelligence for Managers / Project Managers


4- Day Certification​


  • Day 1   Self-Awareness

    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    • Understanding Emotions

    • Identify Emotional Red Flags and Emotional Triggers

    • Increase capacity to listen, respect, accept and honor yourself

    • Learn techniques to improve your self-awareness

  • Day 2   Self-Management

    • Understanding Emotional Breakdowns

    • Understanding psychosomatic conditions

    • Techniques to improve your self-management

    • Techniques to improve self-control

  • Day 3   Social - Awareness

    • Increase capacity to listen, respect, accept and honor people from diverse cultures and generations

    • Increase your ability to read the spoken and unspoken thoughts and feelings of others

    • Recognize your filters and bias

  • Day 4 Empathy & Relationship Management

    • Improve your empathetic listening skills

    • Develop relationship strategies

    • Learn techniques for truth telling

    • Learn about emotional boundaries and communication 

  • Graduation 


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