3 Day/2 Nights All Inclusive Energy Retreats - PERFECT FOR TEAM BUILDING
Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot and I am a Holistic Doctor that has developed a "model" to achieve higher levels of energy; and I want to share it with you. I truly believe that it's all about energy. 
Welcome to a truly life changing experience - Dr.W
Holistic Emotional Intelligence Weekend Retreat 3 days / 2 nights

Learn and practice the Holistic Emotional Intelligence fundamentals in a safe and confidential environment
1. Energy Consciousness: Discover & Feel your energy
2, Energy Vitality: Increase and Recharge your energy
3, Energy Harmony: Protect and unblock your energy
4. Energy Alignment: Expand and enjoy your energy
5. Energy Communion: Vibrate Higher and Experience Mobius

1st Day
5pm   Registration
7pm   Welcome Gathering
7:30pm Holistic EQ Class: Energy Consciousness
9:30 pm Singing Bowls Experience
11pm Dismiss

2nd Day 
3am - 5am: Meditation, Breathing Exercise and Energy Modalities 
5am - 7am: Drink glass of water, shower, get ready for the day
7am - 9am: Breakfast + "Me" time
9am-11am - Holistic EQ Class - Energy Vitality
11am -1pm - Lunch + "Me" Time
1pm - 3pm - Relaxation, Biomat Experience & Nap Time
3pm - 5pm - Holistic EQ Class - Energy Harmony
5pm - 7pm Dinner & "Me" Time
7pm-9pm  Energy Massage Experience 
9pm - 11pm Holistic EQ Class - Energy Alignment
11pm  Dismiss

3rd Day 
8am - 10am Holistic EQ Class Closure - What's next?
10am - Dismiss

Agenda subject to change
Stay 3 days /2 nights in a shared cabin/apartment
Holistic EQ Workshops
Energy Modalities
and more...

Tuition $695 per person
ONLY 7 spaces per retreat 
FOR GROUP RATE CALL  407-760-1699

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