Holistic-Emotional Intelligence©


Holistic Emotional Intelligence© is the ability to use emotional information in an effective and conscious way to identify areas of improvement; to handle emotional triggers properly, to reduce energy stagnation and therefore enjoying better health, more productivity and mutually satisfactory interpersonal relationships.


The Holistic Emotional Intelligence© model was developed by Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot with the purpose of: 


  • Developing Energy Consciousness

  • Achieving Energy Vitality

  • Enjoying Energy Harmony

  • Experiencing Energy Alignment 

  • Living Energy Communion Mobius


Participants will learn to the fundamentals or quadrants of holistic-emotional intelligence.


  1. Discover and Feel your Energy

  2. Increase and Recharge your Energy

  3. Value and Protect your Energy

  4. Expand and Enjoy your Energy

  5. Vibrate higher and experience Mobius


DRW Holistic-Emotional Intelligence Model can be applied in any of the 8 areas of holistic health: 


  • Individual Health: Life Purpose, Core Values, Gift & Talents


  • Emotional Health: Triggers, Attachments & Memories


  • Intellectual Health: Career Transition and Learning Interests


  • Financial Health: Time Management, Lifestyle, and Money


  • Physical Health: 11 Biological Systems


  • Social Health: Family, Friends, Work, Intimacy, Community and Environment


  • Mental Health: Awareness, Stability, and Clarity


  • Spiritual Health: Connection to the Source


The holistic-emotional intelligence skills will help you to manage the emotions associated to each area and improve your energy harmony.