Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers


DrW Life Skills Institute offers Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers training. 


Emotional Intelligence helps Project managers to:


  • Develop stakeholders relationships that support the project’s success

    • We build strong relationships that could buffer us during difficult times.

  • Anticipate and avoid emotional breakdowns

    • We can recognize when we are at risk of breakdown, and apply techniques for avoiding breakdowns

  • Deal with difficult team members and manage conflict

    • We recognize or even anticipate conflict and deal with it before it derails the project

  • Leverage emotional information to make better deicions

    • We use emotional data – the extra data points that we need to make better decisions

  • Communicate more effectively

    • We can choose the words and messages that will make our point and resonate with the audience

  • Create a positive work environment and high team morale

    • We can systematically and proactively manage the project environment to create the positive outcomes we are seeking

  • Cast a vision for shared project objectives that will attract, inspire, and motivate the project team.

    • We have the ability to attract and inspire the best project resources. 

What is Project Management? 

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to plan activities to meet project requirements.


Properly managing projects involves a number of tasks, with the most important being communication. 


Tasks includes proper planning, scheduling, identifying project requirements, applying quality, scope, time and cost requirements; and effectively managing all the project stakeholders.



Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers Training

DRW through the utilization of certified outsourced trainers, provides firms with seminars and workshops in:

  • Emotional Intelligence Training



  • Self-awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social -Awareness

  • Relationship Management

  • Team Leadership