COLD CALLS : An Emotional Trigger in Business

Cold Calls is an emotional trigger for many of business owners and entrepreneurs, even for sales professionals. The emotions attached to being on the giving or receiving end of cold calls are powerful information to evaluate.

Think about it, you are almost ready to pick the phone and dial a number of a person that doesn't know you or that you assume that is not interested on the topic or offer that you are going to present. What do you feel? Which are the messages that are you receiving from your inner person? Let's list some of the common emotions that may be experienced during a cold call.

  • Fear: anxiety, nervousness, concern, terror, consternation.

  • Why ? Ask youself "why am I feeling fear?" Maybe is the result of uncertainty. How you could manage in a healthy way the uncertainty of the cold call? Which are the objectives of the cold call? Think of scenarios on the receiving end. Think on your options based on the response of the receving end.

  • Anger: fury, indignation, irritability, annoyance

  • Why? Ask yourself "why am I feeling anger?" Maybe it is the result of doing something that you are not voluntarily willing to do. It's normal to feel that way about it. What are your options?

  • Shame: guilt, embarrassment, humiliation, regret

  • What are you ashamed of? Why? Ask yourself "why am I feeling shame?" As a result of lack of confidence. Talk to yourself about it.

There are a lot of emotions related to COLD CALLS. Listening to them is critical. Be honest with yourself, and find if you are willing to do something about it is the key.

  • Are you willing to learn the art of cold calling?

  • Are you willing to practice and practice cold calling?

  • Are you willing to master the art of cold calling?

  • Are you willing to STOP bitting yourself about the fact that you don't like doing cold calls?

  • Are you willing to accept that you will be successful without cold calling?

The answer is yours, but your emotions could facilitate the understanding and managing of your actions. Cold calls, as any other tool in business, is just an option, it's a choice. You as an entrepreneur decide based on how do you feel, what you are going to do. The secret is to be honest with yourself. Listen, accept, respect and honor your emotions every day.

Remember, it's OK to make cold calls, if you are OK with it, and you have inner peace.

Also, it's OK to make cold calls, if you are OK with it, and you have inner peace.

Be you, Be authentic, Be successful!! It's OK - DrW

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