DRW EI in Action Blog: The Emotional side of Time Management

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of gathering with a group of successful and powerful women when I visited one of the most recognized women networking groups in Orlando. It is actually the premier networking group for successful businesswomen.

During our gathering we had the opportunity to do an exercise to identify our personal, financial and physical goals for 2014. As a result, I was able to confirm that the most challenging aspects of being a successful businesswomen is time management. How to distribute our time in a way that our emotional needs are fulfilled?

The 24 healthy hours theory came to my mind. The theory established "to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, the 24 hours of the day must be invested effectively in such a way that it allows physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual strengthening". (page 40, Why am I not happy?)

In order to discuss the emotional side of time management, it is important to listen, accept, respect and honor your own emotions. Emotions are messages that could facilitate a healthy distribution of your time, or time management.

Some tips for time management:

  • Make a list of your responsibilities.

  • Take time to clearly define your responsibilities.

  • Evaluate your list, and identify priorities.

  • Listen the emotions associated to each of the responsibilities.

  • Write an action plan.

  • Learn to Say NO.

  • Learn to delegate.

  • Learn to aks for help.

  • Pay attention to your own energy "battery", and recharge yourself when is needed.

Time management could be learned, as well as, Emotional Intelligence. The key is to be in a learning mode. Accept that we need an area of improvement, and take action. These skills facilitate the improvement of the overall quality of life. Emotions are your best tool in time management.

Learn how to recharge and how often you need to recharge. Keep your battery close to 100%, is the secret. -DrW

DrW Life Skills Institute offers Emotional Intelligence courses for personal and professional development. Our next course is in January 30-31, 2014. For information please contact us 321-209-4379.


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