The Power of Emotional Memories

One aspect of self awareness, is the understanding of how thoughts, words, actions could trigger your emotions based on Emotional Memories.

Emotional Memories are the meaning of past events, could be words, actions, stimuli, songs, smells, movies...- that in your mind your recorded. You form or create emotional memories from events consciously or unconsciously. The trigger of those emotional memories could develop emotions that are hard to explain and takes time to understand.

To avoid the confusion created by an emotional memory is important to listen to the emotion. Expend time in silence and try to identify the emotional event related to that emotional memory. It's hard core. Some times it takes days or weeks. But after it, you will feel the relief of the pressure of not knowing why you feel in a particular way.

It's a powerful healing experience.

Remember, during the period of time while you are figuring out, you have to be cautious of your decisions, because the past could trick you. Mistakes and wrong decisions could be taken during this period. Take time to understand your emotions is a must to use the power of emotional memories to achieve higher levels of performance.

-DrW, author of the DrW EI Model: An Emotional Intelligence Holistic Approach

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