In a scale 0-10, How effective are you?

In our days, it's so difficult to complete all the daily tasks. Our time is limited, we only have 24 hours per day. That means that be effective is vital.

But, honestly, how effective are you? how you distribute your 24 hours? Is time your limitating resource? Because, for me time management was the most challenging skill.

I learned to use EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE to increase effectiveness. Emotional Intelligence is the art/science of listening and understanding your emotions to identify areas of opportunities, design effective action plans, and achieve desired goals and results.

Let's practice Emotional Intelligence. Pay attention to the emotions related to your own answers, your tone, your words and your body-language.


  • What means Effectiveness for you?

  • How effective are you?

  • How it is affecting your performance?


  • What can I do about it?

  • What am I willing to do about it? Notice that is different what you can do vs. what are you willing to do


  • How my behavior affects others?

Empathy / Social-management

  • How others affect my behavior?

Listen, Accept, Respect and Honor yourself, your emotions, and your needs; it's the foundation for Effectiveness. Build a strong foundation is your responsibility. Remember to recharge your personal battery and your performance will improve significatly.

Have a yellow day


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