Dr. W at the Citrus Club in Orlando

By Business Nature

ORLANDO, FL - The Citrus Club Orlando and their Healthy Living Committee, invited Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot to speak to members and guests about the basic principals of emotional intelligence in communications and how it can impact personal growth, mental and physical health.

Dr. Wanda is the fiunder of the DrW Life Skills Institute and author of the book "Why am I not happy?". Her experience as life coach and project manager has thought her first hand the impact of not having effective communication skills in personal and professional scenarios.

In order to deal with emotions successfully, Dr. wanda stressed the importance of learning to identify what triggers them. "Emotions are simply physical signals that reflect what a person is truly experiencing" - she said. "Fear is a powerful emotions that can paralyze an individual and in many instances can be triggered by the unknown".

Dr. Wanda also spoke about the power of developing empathy for others and the value of taking time to review situations from different point of views. These are some of the skills that an emotionally intelligent leader can apply to understand where others come from and their needs, without compromising themselves.

Dr. Wanda offers a safe and confidential environment for one-on-one coaching and also small group classes where the principals of emotional intelligence are taught and practiced.

For information about corporate and individuals programs go to:

www.DRWinstitute.org or call 321-209-4379

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