TODAY IS WORLD HAPPINESS DAY!!! What makes you happy?

Today is world HAPPINESS day. And, I have to ask you, What makes you happy?

If I ask a group of people, everybody will describe and define HAPPINESS in a different way. But that doesn't matter, what matters is WHAT HAPPINESS MEANS TO YOU? WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

Let's use the DRW fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence to explore happiness in our lives. Self-awareness and self-expression could facilitate you the listening, accepting, respecting and honoring your emotions.

  • Responsibility: Who is responsible of your HAPPINESS?

  • Honesty: What could make you HAPPIER? or ARE YOU HAPPY? What means HAPPINESS TO YOU?

  • Commitment: What are you willing to do to BE HAPPY?

  • Creativity: Which are your options to be HAPPIER?

  • Confidentiality: Where and When are you doing start to pursue your HAPPINESS?

  • Tolerance: What are you have to LET GO to be Happy?

  • Integrity: Which are your core values? Your happinness is aligned with your core values?

  • Initiative: Be HAPPY is a decision, actually is your decision.

Repeat with me (if you want): TODAY, WORLD HAPPINNESS DAY, I DECIDE TO BE HAPPY.

In my book "Why am I not happy?, I offer a simple and effective method that could facilitate your process. Don't wait decide to be Happier TODAY, NOW (AHORA).

Remember emotions are raw data, that is they are listened and analyzed they become valuable information. Don't block your emotions. Blocked emotions are associated with physical conditions. Learn how to listen and manage your emotions, if the best.


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