Emotional Intelligence and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The chinese term for what we translate as "emotion" is "qing" which is composed of the radical for "heart" and another component that is partly phonetic and partly conveying the idea of "purity", i.e. those feelings which are pure and natural to the heart of a human being.

The word emotion itself is not a good term to indicate the Chinese view of the "emotional" cause of disease.

The word "emotion" derives from Latin and it refers to "e-movere", i.e. to "move-out": it is used to indicate any feeling of the mind as distinct from the cognitive or volitional states of consciousness.

Emotions are mental stimuli which influence our affective life. Under normal circumstances, they are not a cause of disease. Hardly any human being can avoid being angry, sad, aggrieved, worried, or afraid at some time in his or her life but those states will not lead to any disharmony. The emotions become causes of disease only when they are either long-lasting, or very intense.

The emotions taken into consideration in Chinese medicine have varied over the years. From a 5-Element perspective, the Yellow Emperor's Classic considered 5 emotions, each one affecting a specific organ:

  • Anger affecting the LIVER

  • Joy affecting the HEART

  • Pensiveness affecting the SPLEEN

  • Worry affecting the LUNGS

  • Fear affecting the KIDNEYS

The effect of an emotion also depends on other circumstances and on whether the emotion is manifested or repressed. The effect of an emotion will also depend on the constitutional trait of a person.

The first effect of emotional stress on the body is to affect the proper circulation and direction of Qi (Energy).

Emotional Intelligence is the art and science of managing emotions in a healthy way. It is define as the ability to listen, accept, respect and honor our emotions and those of others.

When you learn how to manage your emotions, you reduce or avoid the physical affects on your physical body. Our EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: HOLISTIC APPROACH teaches techniques to release old emotions more easily and not to suppress new ones.

Remember, It's ALL about ENERGY - DrW, Doctor in Holistic Health & Emotional Intelligence Specialist

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