Living with blocked emotions is living with the pain that they create.

Emotions are mental stimuli which influence our affective life. Under normal circunstances, they are not cause of disease. The emotions become causes of disease only when they are either long-lasting or very intense.

So we allow those emotions and keep them insidem until layer upon layer of suppressed emotions build up inside us. They become repressed and they are stored in our "emotional body", eventually they go into the physical body and become disease.

"Anger is a horrible emotion when it comes out, so imagine what it does if it stays inside you"

The term "anger" includes other allied emotional states, such as resentment, irritability, frustration, rage, hatred, indignation, animosity or bitterness. The first effect of emotional stress on the body is to affect the proper circulation and direction of energy. Anger makes energy to rise and many of the symptoms and signs will manifest in the head and neck, such headaches, neck stiffness and red face. Also, anger is associated to acidity, and inflammation.

We have the choice of experiencing the emotion and taking responsibility or we can suppress it again. If suppressed and repressed it is likely to emerge as a physical illness. When we suppress our emotions we end up by projecting them onto others and then they are experienced indirectly through other people or events.

Emotional Intelligence is the art and science to manage your emotions in a healthy way. Emotional Intelligence facilitates the development of self-awareness and self-management - helping us to release suppressed emotions and manage new ones. Breath also helps to release suppressed emotions, as well as energy work, massage, stretchings and yoga.

You can sit there ands suppress emotions, and live with the pains that they create. Or, you could decide to learn how to release old emotions more easily and not to suppress new ones. Remember, It's ALL about energy and your health. -DrW

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