Emotional Breakdown: YOU REACHED YOUR LIMIT

An emotional breakdown is an involuntary response to an emotional situation. It is an indication that you have reached your limit. We are "losing it" when we have an emotional breakdown. Road rage is an extreme form of emotional breakdown. Individuals who experience road rage become unpredictable and out of control.

Emotional breakdowns could be defined as a "allergic reaction" to a emotional situation. This situation could be perceived by any of our senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch or taste. The "allergic reaction" could even "kill" you. Your body could respond out of control. The solution to prevent an "allergic reaction" is identify - what cause it?

What cause an Emotional Breakdown?

Causes of emotional breakdowns are varied. Some of them, are problems with intimate relationships, problems at work and school, or financial problems. But, all have something in common: emotional triggers.

Physical Emotional Breakdowns signals:

  • irregular heart beat - you can feel your heart pounding. You may think you're gravely ill, yet tests are unlikely to be convincing

  • tensed - painful muscles

  • clammy hands- sweating

  • dizziness or light headedness

  • trembling or shaking - you may feel these are the most embarrassing symptoms of a emotional breakdown as you worry people may notice

  • upset stomach and bowel problems - your mind/body reacts as if your life is in danger and digestion is secondary to survival.

  • exhaustion - all your energy is being used trying to manage/cope with this crisis

Behavioral Emotional Breakdowns signals:

  • Anger tirades - explode with anger

  • door slamming- not able to take any more - an indication that you have reached your limit. You are just at breaking point.

  • Email letter bomb -angry emails or letters

  • withdraw or isolation - when you pull away - avoid people

  • holding grudges and getting even - a secret vow to get even - this type is especially harmful because it can go on for a long time - before "explode".

  • criticizing - with the intention to hurt another.

  • sarcasm and inappropriate humor - a red flag for emotional breakdown.

  • playing the victim- you will blame someone or perhaps the entire world.

How to minimize your Emotional Breakdowns or "emotional- allergic reactions"?

One way we can protect ourselves against emotional breakdowns is to identify the emotional triggers that immediately precede breakdowns. Some of them are:

  • moods and attitudes of others - find the why those moods and attitudes may cause an "allergic reaction" on you. find which moods and attitudes cause it.

  • prethinking or foreshadowing

  • dwelling

  • personality

  • hot words / hot buttons

  • perceived criticism

  • physical environment

  • illness or physical conditions

  • situations

Learning to identify the emotions associated with the emotional triggers, and mainly learning to manage your emotions - is the part of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

There are emotional triggers associated to the eight areas of your health:

  • Individual - core values, gift/talents, life purpose

  • Emotional - past experiences

  • Intellectual - education, culture, traditions

  • Mental- how you perceive things

  • Physical - your body

  • Social - past and present relationships

  • Financial - your financial situation, and your perception of money

  • Spiritual - your beliefs

In our Emotional Intelligence: Holistic Approach, you learn how to identify those emotional triggers and how to manage your emotions in a healthy way to reduce Emotional Breakdowns. It will be as your "allergy test". You can't live without knowing your sensitivities and levels of tolerances.

Learn how to prevent those emotional-allergic reactions, that are affecting your health, relationships and performance is a must. Register today, next class May 17-18, 2014.

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