What if the environment you are working in is not positive?

What if the environment you are working in is not positive?

In our workshop: Emotional Intelligence Holistic Model for Wellness we discussed the principle of the second hand smoke. Basically, it present options, and promote responsibility. If you are are working in an environment is not positive, you could apply the principle.

Let's explore some options:

Option # 1:

Promote a positive environment. Techniques for creating a positive environment:

  • Assess how team members view the environment

  • Put it in writing

  • Establish clear accountability and hold people to it

  • Hold others to your highest vision for them

  • Catch people doing something right and recognize it

  • Fix your broken windows

  • Get the team involved. Use their input in those areas you may have blind spots.

In order to accomplish your goal of promoting a positive environment, you will need an extra set of skills. A set of skills that allows you to:

  • develop relationships that support your success

  • anticipate and minimize conflicts

  • deal with difficult individuals and manage conflict

  • leverage emotional information to make better decisions

  • communicate more effectively

  • create a high team morale

  • Attract, inspire and motivate the team.

Remember create a positive environment could be challenging, and it could consume a big part of your time and energy. If you decide to invest on it, be sure you recharge yourself often and organize your time effectively. If you don't your health can be compromised.

Option # 2:

If you find yourself in a negative environment that stymies any opportunity to create a positive environment, consider leaving. Why waste your talent on an organization that is positioned to leverage it? Don't be a victim to a negative workplace.

If you cannot leave the negative organization, at least don't let yourself be contaminated by the environment. Don't compromise your own standards for behavior and your health. Be as positive as positive and maybe through a merger, management change, or re-organization, the organization will catch up to you.

Remember, you can use emotional intelligence skills to promote a positive environment, if you want to invest your time and energy on it. Managing conflicts is key for any positive and healthy environment. Lack of emotional intelligence in team members can cause conflict. Team members who experience lack of emotional self-control are like ticking time bombs. When these bombs detonate, they will frequently take healthy team members with them.

Reference (Mersino,2007)

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