Benefits of Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict is the material from which we create learning, connection and insight. It is a message that something is wrong or not working or not longer appropriate.

Conflict Management Coaching provides an impartial, safe and confidential environment where differences can be talk through. It will help you reflect on your responses and help you decide if they are working for you or whether you want to make changes to how you are deaing with the situation.

One of the benefits of Conflict Management Coaching is the creation of:

  • new ideas

  • new understanding

  • new means and channels of communication

  • new responses to a situation that are more beneficial for all affected

More benefits of Conflict Management Coaching are:

Inner Conflicts:

  • Recognize Bias and Emotions

  • Identify Emotional Triggers

  • Discover Core Values

At home facilitates:

  • Difficulties communicating with and parenting teenagers

  • Difficulties with "in-laws" and parents

  • Difficulties with partners and ex-partners

  • Difficulties between sibblings

At school:

  • Reduce Bullying: For staff or students/pupils who feel that others in the school are bullying them - but also for those who have been described as a bully by others.

At work:

  • Reduce Bullying: For managers or others who are felt to be acting in ways others find aggressive/intimidating, but also for those who feel bullied by someone in their workplace.

  • Preparing youself for a meeting with an employee, colleague or manger where you have concerns about how the meeting will go and how you will respond.

  • Developing and improving your communication skills and ability to respond to conflict more effectively- as an opportunity rather than as a battle or a fightening experience you'd rather avoid.

  • Developing your management and leadership skills - using communication skills and responding to conflict in ways that support teamwork, effectiveness and greater productivity amongst those you work with, manage and lead.

  • Understand more about yourself and how you presently manage difficult situations and how you can learn from that in order to improve for future such situations.

The role of a Conflict Management Coach is not to judge or condemn actions the client may have taken in the past, but to honour and support the willingness of the client to seek more effective ways of responding and communicating in their difficult situations in the future.

An additional benefit of DRW Conflict Management Coaching is that it can be provided in person or via SKYPE, for those potential clients out of the Central Florida Area.

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