Why I can't lose weight? Let me tell you why: Blocked Emotions

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Thoughts and emotions- your mental, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual state - can actually make your body more - or less acidic. Similarly, what you eat can affect your thoughts, moods and emotions. Eating the wrong kinds of foods can lead to depresion - and overeating. Eat the right kinds of foods brings a feeling of overall well-being and even euphoria.

For the body to stay in a healthy state of balance, including a healthy weight, you must find mental, emotional, and spiritual calm, as physical ability.

You are what you "think" and "feel". Being stuck in negative thoughts and emotions will contribute to trapping you in an acidic, overweight body.

To change only your diet isn't enough to achieve permanent weight loss and vibrant good health. You must also deal with any emotional issues and stresses by understanding and modifying your behavior.

Learning to understand, handle, and control your thoughts as they happen to you will prevent an accumulation of negative emotions and help you develop supportive behavior patterns conducive to healthy living, including nourishing yourself properly.

Emotions are energy in movement. In his book Power vs Force Dr. david R. Hawkins rates the energy levels of basic emotions on a scale of 1 to 1,000, stating that anything hitting 200 or lower will be destructive of life both for the individual and for the society, while anything above that level represents constructive expression of power. Here's his raking:

  • Shame 20

  • Guilt 30

  • Apathy 50

  • Grief 75

  • Fear 100

  • Desire 125

  • Anger 150

  • Pride 175

  • Courage 200

  • Neutrality (no judgment) 250

  • Willingness 310

  • Acceptance 350

  • Reason 400

  • Love 500

  • Joy 540

  • Peace 600

  • Enlightnment 700-1000

You'll want to live your life, of course, among the higher-ranking feelings on Dr. Hawkinn's scale. Your sense of self and well-being is best served by healthy emotions and positive thoughts. You need to experience your feeling fully, but not linger too long in negative ones that could leave you physically imbalanced as well.

Emotional Intelligence is the art and science to manage emotions in a healthy way. You will need to use EI tools and skills to manage negative emotions and prevent them from getting a strong hold in your body.

Some tips to loose weight:

  • Avoid unnecessary emotional stress in your life

  • Develop strategies to handle unavoidable stress efficiently and constructively, and quickly move on.

  • Learn to act upon, not react to, whatever you may face.

  • Stay in the present

  • Stay positive

  • Do not linger in negative thoughts and emotions

  • Avoid the accumulation of negative thoughts and emotions

  • Discover how your emotions relate to your eating habits

  • Express your emotions. Don't block your emotions

  • Learn and practice Emotional Intelligence

Remember the choice is yours. The ultimate key to all of this is you. No one can make this choice for you, nor can you put responsibility on anyone else. You are free to choose.

While you choose, you should keep in mind that the decisions you are making, have an impact not only on you, but also on your family, community and society.

The choice is yours: Register to the next course: DRW Emotional Intelligence Holistic Model for Wellness, and learn to manage your emotions to boost your immune system, increase your level of energy and increase your overall quality of life. Again, the choice is yours. -DrW

RE: The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, Robert O. Young PhD

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