What is self-awareness?

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize our own emotions and their effects on us and others. Self-awareness is baout the here and now. With self-awareness, we are striving to get in touch with exactly what we are feeling right now. It is about knowing ourselves in this moment.

Self-awareness is not about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. The only time that what happened yesterday is relevant is if it impacting how we are feeling right now. Otherwise, we should leave the past in the past. The key to self-awareness is to focus on what we are feeling now.

Let's practice, how do you feel right now?


  • Ecstatic

  • Energetic

  • Aroused

  • Bouncy

  • Nervous

  • Perky

  • Antsy


  • Intimate

  • Loving

  • Warm-hearted

  • Sympathetic

  • Touched

  • Kind

  • Soft


  • Tense

  • Nervous

  • Anxious

  • Jittery

  • Frigtened

  • Panic-stricken

  • Terrified


  • Miffed

  • Irritated

  • Resentful

  • Upset

  • Mad

  • Furious

  • Raging


  • Down

  • Mopey

  • Grieved

  • Dejected

  • Depressed

  • Heartbroken


  • Fulfilled

  • Contented

  • Glad

  • Complete

  • Satisfied

  • Optimistic

  • Pleased

We are all different when it comes to being aware of our emotions. Emotions have a physical manifestation on our bodies and we can use these sensations to recognize our emotions.

For example:

Sad: Tense muscles in chest, moist eyes, feeling cold, lump or tightness in throat, crying

Angry: Fast heartbeat, tightness in jaw, clenched, fists, pain in stomach, hot, yelling

Scared: Fast hearbeat, short breaths, tightness in neck and lower back, cold, sweating

Happy: Faster heartbeat, relaxed muscles, laughing, smiling

Excited: Fast heartbeat, jumpy, tense muscles, yelling

Some people may be in denial about how they really feel about a situation. Most of us want to believ we are strong and unaffected ny various circunstances. We actually become stronger when we recognize the underlying feeling we're experiencing. Self-awareness is about developing this capacity.

Self-awareness is one of the four fundamental abilities of Emotional Intelligence. During our DRW Emotional Intelligence Holistic Model Certification, you will acquire tools to improve your self-awareness.

Reference: Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

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