What is Self-Management?


Self-management happens when we begin to use our awareness of our feelings to manage ourselves. Building on th ebase of self-awareness, we use that information to control and manage our emotions. Self-management is the ability to control our emotions so that they don't control us. That is the simple but powerful truth about self-management. We need to use what we know about our emotions to control and manage those emotions and our behavior. This includes techniques that help us to regulate our emotions, to identify and prevent emotional triggers, and to identify and prevent thinking that can lead to emotional breakdowns.

Why is it important to manage our emotions? The alternative i snot very attractive. Individuals who don't manage their emotions in the business world are called rage-aholics and drama queens. They cause others to sigh, roll their eyes, or even leave the room in fright. It should go without saying that if you cannot manage yourself you cannot manage others. No one wants to follow someone who is not in control of themselves.

Examples of Emotional Breakdowns:

  • Angry tirades

  • Door slaming

  • Email-letter bomb

  • Withdrawal and isolation

  • holding grudges and getting even

  • criticizing

  • sarcasm and inappropriate humor

  • playing the victim

Good news about emotional breakdowns, first, they are predictable. If we can identify the triggers that set us off, we can begin to predict when we are vulnerable and are likely to experience a breakdown. that predictability is good because it can help us to avoid or reduce the severity of the breakdown.

Techniques to improve our self-management:

  • Identify the feeling

  • Determine the underlying cause

  • Take action to get clear

In our DRW Emotional Intelligence Holistic Certification we offer tools to improve our self-management. For information about our next classes: click here

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