Why Fibromyalgia Coaching?

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Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread chronic pain, tender point, chronic fatigue, and sleep problems. Fibromyalgia is also liked to depression, irritable bowel syndrome, cognitive impairment, and sexual dysfunction. The condition of fibromyalgia has a direct impact in the life of the patient affecting not only the body but the emotion, the relationships, communication, family, and evens the work environment and performance.

A professional coach specialized in fibromyalgia plays an important role in the life of the patient by helping them to achieve their life, health, and wellness goals and by. A professional coach, through a provoking and creative process helps the client to identify areas of improvement, create a plan, and keep on track with the plan. Using positive psychology and motivational questions, the coach facilitates healthy behavioral changes in the client with the purpose of improving the overall health and wellbeing.

A Health and Wellness Coach with a specialty in Fibromyalgia have a great outlook for the future. Coaches can work in private practices, medical clinic, wellness centers, and insurance companies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2014-15 Occupational Outlook classified coaches as social and human services assistant and listed the median salary as $28, 204 per year. However, this number varies on where you live, what you specialize in, and what type of facility with your at. In private practice, coaches make from $ 50 per hour up to & 120.00.

Our Fibromyalgia Coach Program prepared professional coached to work and facilitate change in the patient with fibromyalgia because they do not only have graduates with the coaching expertise, but they understand fibromyalgia and the impact in the patient’s life.

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