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Parenting is an emotional adventure and emotions are part of the "package" of life. Communication is the key of any relationship and sometimes could be challenging with our childrens.

Coaching skills and tools could facilitate the process to understand your kids emotions and the message behing their feeling building a safe and confidential environment for healthy communication and trust.

As parents we need to be able to Listen, Respect, Accept and Honor our kids opinions and feelings. Some times could be challenging, because we want the best for them, and we think (sometimes we are sure) what is the best.

Be Your Kid's Coach© will promote behaviors that could enhance the parenting relationship in diverse ways.

  • Listen: Be a good listener. Be 100% present for your kid. Don’t only listen to their actual words, but also what they say with their body language and emotions.

  • Teach them about diversity. We are different based on education, culture, traditions, past experiences and perspectives.

  • Don’t want them to achieve the dreams that you had and never fulfilled.

  • Respect: Don't judge or critize them.

  • Let them take decisions.

  • Celebrate and acknowledge their achievements

  • Teach them to analyze and learn from their failures, and look them as learning experiences.

  • Be a model for them.

  • Let them dream.

  • Don’t transmit your fears to your children.

  • Help them to get to know their emotions, what makes them react, the effects emotions can have and how to control them in their interpersonal relations. Also control and recognize your own emotions.

  • Accept their individuality and uniqueness.

  • Help them to discover their gifts and talents

Parenting is the most rewarding role, but also could be the most challening one. As parents we need tools and skills to do the best job possible.

Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot is Family Mediator and Coaching School Director at DRW Life Skills Institute in Kissimmee, FL. DRW Institute is a global emotional intelligence education provider and coaching school located at the UCF Business Incubator Program in Central Florida since 2013. For information

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