DRW introduces family mediation — dispute resolution that is collaborative and relationship enhancin

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DRW introduces family mediation — dispute resolution that is collaborative and relationship enhancing

“Today, in Florida, mediation is accessible largely through a court referral. We feel the time has come to expand the scope of mediation to the private space so that disputing parties are able to resolve their disputes without going to court,” says Dr.Wanda Bonet-Gascot, family mediator and Director, DRW Life Skills Institute.

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party – a mediator – assists disputing parties to bridge their differences and find mutually acceptable solution. DRW is one of the early players that tried to provide private mediation services through a panel of skilled and well trained mediators who are also certified in Emotional Intelligence.

We are all aware that family mediation is a very emotional affair and takes a heavy toll on parties. Given the scenario, private mediation will be especially important for the family. When faced with a dispute, a family would greatly benefit from a process that is focused on supporting the parties to resolve their dispute in a collaborative, creative, efficient and win/win way.

The mediation process involved communication and the ability of listening of the impartial third party. Some emotional intelligence skills are self-awareness, self-management, self-control, assertiveness and empathy. "Skills that are vital in the family mediation process," says Dr. Bonet-Gascot.

DRW Life Skills Institute is a global emotional intelligence provider and coaching school located in Central Florida since 2013. DRW is currently offering private family mediation services. Their expertise in emotional intelligence is their competitive advantage. Also, they offer emotional intelligence training qualifies for mediators as continuing mediation education. www.DRWinstitute.org

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