Why Holistic-Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability of managing our emotions, and use them in a meaningful way. Its a relative new concept, popularized in1995 by Daniel Goleman, and use in leadership and business as part of leadership development.

The Holistic-Emotional Intelligence Model is a new approach developed in 2013 by Dr. Wanda Bonet-Gascot. It combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge, Energy Medicine practice and Emotional Intelligence skills. The main benefits of this model is creating awareness of the effects of blocking or repressing emotions; and providing tools to improve health, increase productivity and enhance interpersonal relations, including sexuality.

According to TCM, there are three broad categories of causes of illness: external causes, internal causes, and independent causes.

External Causes:

  • According to Chinese medicine, our qi and blood flow can be affected by invasion of energies from the external environment. These energies are wind, cold, dampness, heat, dryness, and summerheat.

Internal Causes:

  • Internal causes refer specifically and only to damage by the seven passions or emotions. Emotions are energy in movement.

It is also possible for emotional damage to create the environment in which either trauma or invasion by external environmental energies actually results in illness. For instance, constant fear may damage the kidneys. Or constant worry may damage the spleen. Anger affects the liver, and so on.

Independent Causes:

  • Diet, exercise, overtaxation, trauma, and poisoning are all considered independent causes.

The Holistic-Emotional Intelligence Model facilitates awareness in the effect of emotions in human energy levels and vitality, and offers a methodology to apply Emotional Intelligence skills in the eight dimensions of holistic health: individual, emotional, intellectual, mental, physical, social, financial and spiritual.

The class is offered during weekends in several locations in Central Florida, Miami, and Puerto Rico. A convenient 2-Day format facilitates in-state and out-state individuals to participate in the class. For information call 321-209-4379 or visitwww.DRWinstitute.org


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