Tip for Coaches 1.6: Create Your Marketing Message

Develop a marketing message/product and service description that clearly conveys what differentiates your business from the competition.

1. Identify your product and service characteristics.

- Relevant characteristics include your product or service’s special benefits, unique features, limits and liabilities, production and delivery methods, suppliers, and any intellectual property or special permits you hold.

2. Compile a product or service description and marketing message that focuses on your product or service’s benefits and answers the customer’s question, “What’s in it for me?”

3. The description and message should be concise and fulfill your target customer needs. It should clearly identify unique/key features and include information on quality, price, availability and dependability.

4. Your marketing message should follow a pattern similar to the following example: At Ann’s Nursery, discerning growers and gardeners (target customers) can get high-quality ornamental trees, shrubs and vines (products) with a one-year, money back “guarantee to grow” and extended plant care documentation (unique features) backed by well known horticulturalist (competitive advantage) Dr. Ann Murphy.

5. The description and message should be consistently communicated in all marketing material and media.

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Reference: scoreorlando.com

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