Tip for coaches 1.9: Create your marketing plan

A well-designed marketing plan can raise awareness of your business, attract more customers and boost sales. Develop a 12-month marketing plan that includes a budget and integrate it into your company’s business plan.


1. Begin by outlining goals and objectives for the marketing plan. The primary objectives of your marketing plan might be: might be:

  • To increase awareness of your business among potential customers

  • To attract more customers to patronize your business

  • To increase customer satisfaction, with the goal of increased referrals from existing customers

2. Once your marketing goals are set, develop a marketing plan that works to achieve each goal. Although your structure may vary, typically, marketing planning focuses on four quarters: January through March, April through June, July through September, and October through December. The marketing plan can and should be coordinated with the overall management of business activities each fiscal year. Core components of your marketing plan may include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of marketing team: Define who is responsible for each marketing initiative.

  • Business website: Maintain and promote your business’s website. Develop a plan for keeping your site updated with content to attract new and returning customers.

  • Branding: Outline ways that you can build and promote your business’s brand in your community.

  • Marketing materials: Create branded marketing materials that focus on attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.

  • Social media: Create a plan for connecting with prospects, clients and partners through social media.

  • Email marketing: Develop your strategy for keeping customers engaged through email communications; outline ways to build your contact list.

  • Alliance partnerships: Form new alliances with potential partners who can refer you to new customers and prospects and help grow your business.

  • Conferences and trade shows: If appropriate, have a presence at events at which prospective clients congregate.

  • Special observances: Make the most of events relevant to your business, such as anniversaries, national holidays and other important dates.

  • Targeted media/contact list: Ensure that your business has a go-to list of local media to send news releases, newsletters and other announcements. Develop and maintain a database of contacts.

3. Set Your Marketing Budget, to determine your budget for carrying out your marketing plan.

4.Review your marketing plan at least once a quarter. Adjust your marketing plan as needed to obtain the desired results from your efforts.

DRW Coaching School is a Division of DRW Life Skills Institute. For more tips for coaches or if you are interested in a coaching career, visit www.DRWinstitute.org

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