Tip for Coaches 1.11: Plan and Organize Marketing Efforts With a Marketing Calendar

Marketing is a critical function that helps drive the success of a business. It involves the communication and promotion of your business to prospects, clients and the community at large. If you do not have the appropriate marketing expertise on staff to carry out your marketing plan, recruit new employees or identify vendors to build a marketing team with the skills you need.

Create and use a marketing calendar to schedule and coordinate your business’s marketing activities.

1. Provide details on the marketing strategies you’ll employ, including the person responsible for each task.

2. Depending on your needs, you can break down the calendar by month, by week or by day.

3. Review the online resources for more advice on creating your marketing calendar.

4. Share the marketing calendar with the marketing team to keep everyone abreast of team activities.

5. As each marketing activity is completed, note the cost and results. Review these details quarterly to assess the effectiveness of each strategy.

6. Adjust your Marketing Plan as necessary to reflect any changes.

For more tips for coaches visit: www.DRWinstitute.org

Reference: ScoreOrlando

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