Tip for Coaches 1.12: Engage Customers on Facebook

Facebook can be a valuable tool for connecting with customers, promoting your products and services, and generating awareness of your business.


1. Set up a Facebook page for your business.

a. Visit www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. b. Select Company, Organization or Institution and then category: Local Business or Place. c. Add your business’s name. (To check availability of an account name across various social platforms, use NameChk.com.) d. Add photos and your business logo. e. Determine who on your staff will maintain your business’s Facebook account.

2. Drive traffic to your Facebook page by adding a Facebook icon to your website, email newsletters and other marketing communications.

3. Engage with customers and prospective customers on Facebook.

a. Post regularly to keep your page showing up in users’ News Feeds. b. Ask questions, conduct polls, and post pictures and videos to increase likes, shares and comments. c. Tag customers and partners when applicable to increase your visibility. d. Attract customers with special offers, discounts, rewards and promotions for liking your business on Facebook.

4. Consider adding applications (apps) that Facebook provides to help users connect and share. Visit Facebook Applications to learn more about apps.

5. Monitor the results of your Facebook activity and adjust as needed.

a. Track what types of posts get the most attention, what time/s of day your posts get the best results (and the most shares), and what types of posts drive users to take action by coming in to your business, visiting your website or making a purchase. b. Use Facebook’s free analytics tool, Facebook Insights, to measure the results of your efforts and adjust your Facebook activity as needed.

6. Stay up to date with changes on Facebook by regularly visiting visit the Facebook Business page and the Facebook Blog.

7. Once you have established a strong Facebook presence, consider advertising on Facebook. Visit Facebook Ads to buy ads on Facebook, learn best practices and get started.

For more tips for coaches visit www.drwinstitute.org

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