Emotional Intelligence as a fuel for positive change

Emotional Intelligence is a set of powerful skills. They used effectively can facilitate change in your life and your organization. The question is: how can I start? The term emotional intelligence may be seen as abstract and hard to assimilate, but it is very simple to practice. Let's start:


  • ​The first step is to identify the goal: Emotional Intelligence as a fuel for positive change.

  • In order to clearly define the goal, we need to clearly define the concepts within the goal.

  • What means "emotional intelligence"?

  • What means "to change"?

  • What means "positive change"?

  • What means "fuel"?


  • Next step is the acquisition of tools. Yes, our definition of education is the process of obtaining effective tools to facilitate the process of achieving our goals.

  • In order to maximize the use of the tools, we need to explore options.

  • ​What options do you have?

  • What options do you are aware of?

  • Where do you could brainstorm options? I always recommend a safe and confidential environment, as a professional coach.


  • Evaluate your limits of tolerance. Yes, you are the one who decides. Saying that, you have to evaluate your options and your willingness.

  • Which of the options is within your availability based on time, energy and money?

  • Which is your tolerance for risks? Are you aware of the 50/50 probability concept?


  • It's time to act. Action is the key for success.

  • How bad you want it?

  • What are you going to do today?

The key factor in the process is your emotions. They are messages, they can push you or they can hold you. Listen to them, connect to them, response to them. They are powerful indicators of your performance.

To learn more about emotional intelligence visit www.DRWinstitute.org

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