Meet Holistic Emotional Intelligence Certification # 22

A group of amazing women participated in the Holistic Emotional Intelligence Certification # 22 during the last weekend February 20-21, 2016.

They acquired tools and skills to manage emotions in a healthier way to achieve higher levels of harmonized energy. Blocked emotions deplete our energy bank account affecting our health, productivity and interpersonal relationships. We focused in the 7 emotions that blocked our 7 main energy centers (chakras): Fear, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Lies, Expectations and Attachments

Some of the attendees participated as personal development, others also, will continue the amazing journey of becoming a Certified Holistic Emotional Intelligence Coach. As a coach they will be able to facilitate the process of defining goals, designing strategic plans and making clients accountable in any area of holistic health.

Our new DRW Alumni are Marina Varona, Maritza Gutierrez, Hazel Rondon, Nydia Cruz and Yasmin Rocha.

To learn more about Holistic Emotional Intelligence and DRW Coaching School don't hesitate in visit or calling 321-209-4379.

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