Sexual Intelligence...The Next Level

Maybe you already know the concept of Emotional Intelligence. For some time, we have been educating how to handle our emotions in a healthy way. Now, we introduce the next level: Sexual Intelligence.

Sexual Intelligence is not about being experts in bed, or scholars of Kamasutra; rather, sexual intelligence is a conscious ability we now know can be learned, quantified and enhanced.

In 2002, psychologists Shere Conrad and Michael Milburn at the University of Massachusetts noted that the mind plays an important role in the development of human sexuality and coined the term "Sexual Intelligence" which is based on measuring the erotic capacity of the person.

Sexual Intelligence is defined as the conscious ability to enjoy sexuality, remove the emotional blocks related to sexuality and enjoy higher energy levels.

Developing Sexual Intelligence with a sense of humor makes you cheerful, loving, and energetic, keeps your mind awake and may prevent disease of the physical body. Sexual Intelligence is a skill that everyone can develop, however it requires self-discipline and effort, this concept includes three fundamental pillars:

1. SEXUAL KNOWLEDGE OR WISDOM: Acquire scientific knowledge about human sexuality, differentiating truth from the myths and erotic taboos, provided from religion, family and society. Some of the topics to be explored include Theology of the Body (the teachings of Pope John Paul II about sex) and Tantra (ancient art of making love). Knowledge of human anatomy is basic in developing sexual intelligence. You cannot enjoy the best of what you do not know.

2. KNOWLEDGE AND SELF AWARENESS OF MY SEXUALITY: Sexual self-knowledge is figuring out what attracts and excites us, what we prefer and what aspects of difficulties face us from our erotic behavior. Having self-awareness of our sexuality allows us to communicate about our sexuality with freedom and confidence.

3. EMPATHY AND SEXUAL CONNECTION: The ability to empathize and connect. To know and understand the sexuality of the couple and it ours. The last pillar of sexual intelligence speaks of the ability to relate with others. To be an intelligent person sexually you must have previously developed a range of social skills, connection and intimacy with others, especially emotional intelligence. Therefore, sexual intelligence is the Next Level.

Being open and having the ability to surrender without restrictions and insecurities is one of the most difficult and most important ways to develop a true sexual intelligence. Connection both internal and external, that is myself and my partner is the key in this area. This is where the ability to talk about sex with your partner is key. Sexual intelligence implies to learn to be honest with ourselves and with our partner about who we really are in the sexual arena.

For more information on courses, workshops and seminars click here. In DRW Life Skills Institute we provide education, coaching and consulting in the areas of Emotional and Sexual Intelligence.

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