PRESS RELEASE: Dr.W presents Research Case Study at the 2016 FSMTA Convention in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL June 26,2016 - Dr.Wanda Bonet-Gascot (Dr.W) presents her Research Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for Cancer Health Care Professional during the 2016 Florida State Massage Therapist Association Convention and Trade Show at the Caribe Royal Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage our emotions and those of others in a healthy way. According to the case study, health professionals including massage therapists, working with cancer patients need specific skills to manage the emotions and emotional distress.

The study conclusion associates Emotional Intelligence in health care professionals with performance improvement. Findings suggest that Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies increase empathy and compassion in health care professionals. However, the review illustrate the need to develop Emotional Intelligence programs for Cancer Health Care Professionals and conduct further research studies to document its effectiveness.

"It's important to provide the emotional intelligence education to health care providers and caregivers, not only for better performance, but to avoid burn out", says Dr.W.

"Recognizing that the first step in developing emotional intelligence and mental fitness is to identify areas of improvement, DRW offers a COMPLEMENTARY Mental-Fitness Assessment that you can access in our website:" indicates Dr. Bonet-Gascot.

DRW Life Skills Institute is a global Emotional Intelligence education provider and Coaching School located at the UCF Business Incubator in Kissimmee, Florida. They offer programs for corporations, including the health care industry; and self-improvement. For information visit:

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