Step # 1 to Build a Successful Coaching Practice/Business

The first step to build a successful coaching practice/business is be completely sure that the scope of practice of coaching is in alignment with your life purpose.

Discover your life purpose... Purpose provides direction to a coach, making every task, even seemingly mundanes ones, filled with significance.

I would recommend the book: Resolved... in the first chapter you will find a formula to discover your purpose. Here some questions, that may help you....

1. What can you be the best in the world at? Your Potential, Your unique gifts and skills.

2. What drives your economic engine? Your Profits, turn one's potential and passion into a fruitful calling.

3. What are you deeply passionate about? Your Passion. Passion is not negotiable.

Learn about the scope of practice of coaching... and learn what coaching IS NOT...

1. Define clear goals

2. Explore viable options

3. Design strategic plans

4. Monitor progress

Now, compare your life purpose and the coaching scope of practice, and check if they are in alignment. If YES, Welcome to the rewarding coaching industry.

At DRW Coaching School, we offer education and tools to develop a successful coaching practice/business. If you are interested in the book Resolved, as a tool to help you to define your life purpose, please don't hesitate in contact us at 321-209-4379 or send us an email at

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