The Art and Science of building a Coaching Practice

Building a Successful Coaching Practice is a process. It requires determination and perseverance. But mainly requires mastering the art and the science of building it. What means building? It means developing, in other words takes resources.

I want to share some tips from my experience, I hope it will help you and empower you to build your coaching practice:

1. Discover your Life Purpose and be sure that is in alignment with the scope of practice of coaching.

2. Define your goals in the coaching industry. Write it. Include how you are going to measure your success. Define your market.

3. Learn the art and science of building a successful coaching practice/business. Find a mentor. Take courses. Read. Listen and Associate with successful coaches.

4. Perform. Gain mastery in coaching. Gain experience. Get results. Just Do it. Get clients.

5. Lead. Be consistent in getting results. Measure your results. Document your results.

6. Teach: Share your knowledge and experience. Inspire others

7. Mentor: Share your tips and secrets with other coaches. Be the leader in the coaching industry. Kill your Ego.

Coaching is a very rewarding career. Help others to achieve their goals with a systematic approach as coaching is very effective. Remember your scope of practice. Coaches help clients to:

1. Define clear goals

2. Explore viable options

3. Design strategic plans

4. Monitor progress.

Congratulations... You will build a very SUCCESSFUL Coaching Practice/Business!!

For information visit or call 321-209-4379. At DRW Institute we can help you to explore coaching, become a coach, develop a coaching school and/or build a coaching network/business. Just call, and explore your OPTIONS.....

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