Step # 2 to build a successful coaching practice/business

The step #2 to build a successful coaching practice/business is to define your goals in the coaching industry.

If you don't know what do you want to accomplish, how you will track your success?

I can help you to define a coaching practice or coaching business, and I will do; but you need to define the word SUCCESSFUL. What means for you be successful? How you measure success? Money? Recognition? Legacy? Personal Satisfaction? All of the above?

Before to proceed in your coaching journey, you need to seat and be honest with your self, and ask WHY Coaching? By now, we know that is in alignment to your life purpose (I assumed you read the step #1). What you want to accomplish?

Let me help you with some definitions:

Professional Coaching Practice: The coach exchange his/her time for compensation. The coach offers services for a rate. Some of the services could be coaching 1-on-1, group coaching, training, seminars, workshops, education in general.

Coaching Business: The coach integrates system (s) to his/her practice to release his/her time from the money exchange equation. There are many systems that can be build or buy. Which system is the best for you and your coaching business depends on many factors. I would recommend you to read chapter 13 of the book Financial Fitness: Choosing a business.

Market: The coach can offers general or holistic approach, that means can do coaching to any person or area of life. Some coaches define their market based in the area that the like the most or their life purpose. For example, Coaching for Women, Coaching for Men, Parenting Coach, Business Coach, Couples Coaching, Leadership Coach, Sales Coach, Holistic Emotional Intelligence Coach, Financial Coach.... and more.

I would highly recommend to book a coaching session to define your goals as a coach. The process is very important to develop your career, and to save a lot of time, money and energy.

At DRW Institute, we offer education and tools to help you to build a successful coaching practice/business. I love coaching, and I want to help coaches and potential coaches to grow in this rewarding, but challenging career. If you need information, or would like to get the book Financial Fitness, or would love to have a coaching session to define your coaching goals, don't hesitate in contact me at 321-209-4379 or email

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