Step # 3 to Build a Successful Coaching Practice/Business

Building a Successful Coaching Practice/Business is a process. Today, I will share you the Step # 3: Learning the Art and Science of Coaching.

This step is about becoming a student. At the beginning you will be full of hunger and enthusiasm but you have low level of skill and knows very little about coaching. Coaches must fall in love with learning, but what you need to learn.

1. Coaches learn about people: It is with, through and for people that coaching exists.

2. Coaches learn about basics: Learning the basics and the fundamentals of coaching is not optional. We offer a Professional Holistic Coach Program that offers the fundamentals of coaching. Under no circumstances can a successful coach skip this step. Especially learn the regulations and scope of practice associated to coaching.

3. Coaches learn about Goals and Objectives

4. Coaches learn about processes: There are different coaching methodologies and approaches, but all of them are structured. Find the best for you.

5. Coaches learn about measurements of performance

6. Coaches learn about rewards: Learn about compensation and earning potential.

7. Coaches learn about histories: Learn the story of the leaders in the coaching industry and the impact of coaching in organizations and the world.

8. Coaches learn about environment: Learn about the coaching industry in general and the organizations associated to coaching.

9. Coaches learn about obstacles and oppositions: Building a successful coaching practice/business is challenging, learning about obstacles prepares you to conquer them.

Yes, a lot to learn... but where do you find this education and knowledge...

1. Coaches learn from books: Remember a good book contains more wealth than a good bank.

2. Coaches learn from audio recording: Thirty minutes a day for five years makes one a expert on any subject.

3. Coaches learn from videos

4. Coaches learn from association with other successful coaches

5. Coaches learn from mentors: Find a mentor with FRUIT on the TREE.

6. Coaches learn from ACTION

7. Coaches learn by controlling the flow: A successful coach closely controls the quality of what is allowed into his or her brain.

Coach.... at DRW Coaching School we offer the education, options and tools to master the first step. Coaches do not move up unless they have mastered the fundamentals of learning. Through the learning process, the coaches' competency should become obvious to all.

Get ready for the step #4... Performing......

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The Art and Science of Building a Coaching Practice

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