Step # 4 to build a successful coaching practice/business

The step # 4 to build a successful coaching practice/business is to perform. The coach is continuing to learn, of course, but his or her top priority is becoming a experienced coach.

A coach who decide to build a successful practice/business...

1. Understands that results come through personal effort

2. Understands that champions don't start out that way

3. Knows there will be many opportunities to feel second best

4. Understands that nothing worthwhile comes easy

5. Don't expect fair treatment

6. Knows there will always be critics

7. Knows there will always be strong adversaries

8. Understands that breaks will come to those who prepare

9. Knows that attitude conquers circumstances

10. Understands that desire trumps talent

11. Can never be satisfied

12. Knows there is power in belief

What do do to build a successful coaching practice/business?

1. Work as part of an overall team

2. Edify others leaders and peers

3. Promote a learning environment

4. Follow the proven methods

5. Build on their basic strengths

6. Initiate Activity

7. Become Likable

8. Push to grow and improve

9. Become believable and demonstrate conviction

10. Maintain a positive attitude

11. Give their best in every situation

12. Focus on Priorities

13. Get Results

14. Ignore their press clippings

Remember to build a coaching practice/business, we must perform, we must generate RESULTS....

At DRW Institute, we offer the education and tool to support your journey of building a successful coaching practice/business. I love coaching, and I want to facilitate your journey. The world needs us!!!! Contact me at 321-209-4379

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