Step # 5 to build a successful coaching practice / business

The step # 5 to build a successful coaching practice/business is to lead. The coach thus far mas made Learning a habit, has gained valuable experience becoming a high performer, and now ready to take responsibility for the Leadership of others.

Becoming a Leader-Coach requires a certain mindset.

A coach who decide to build a successful practice/business...

1. Understands that results come through team effort

2. Understands that people buy in to the leader before anything else

3. Understands the importance of finding and developing good people

4. Understands that dealing with inadequate resources is common

5. Understands that leadership is the limittation

6. Understands the impact of their actions on the organization

7. Understands that leadership is about sacrifice

8. Understands that a leader's job is never done

A Leader-Coach does......

1. Models the way

2. Compels individuals to perform

3. Coaches others

4. Becomes servants

5. Operates as Field commanders

6. Orchestrates activity

7. Measures Results

8. Solves Problems

9. Communicates

Become a Leader-Coach gives the opportunity to take your practice/business to a higher level.

Remember to build a coaching practice/business, we must perform, we must generate RESULTS and we must lead.... At DRW Institute, we offer the education and tools to support your journey of building a successful coaching practice/business.

I love coaching, and I want to facilitate your journey. The world needs us!!!! Contact me at 321-209-4379 or visit

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